Life is Beautiful

Life is like a imagebase23_12roller coaster; its have his up and down.  Some days your are joyful and others the blues come to you soul.  when the sadness hit you mind, remember: after the storm the sun come up and warm you up.   Go out feel the warm breeze caress you body and refresh you soul.   Find a friend with similar interest a person you can talk to.  Take a walk in the park and see that this world is full of life.  See the beautiful color of the flowers and the birds.  The various tone of green of the flora tell you that  every body has its own color inside; that make us different but at the same time similar.  Because life is beautiful.  Time is short enough to waste it away involve inside a dark cloud.  Come to the light where everything is delightful.  Enjoy the good things of life: food, friends, family and nature.  Look at the sky see the brightness of the star and how beautiful they are.  The sea has it bad time and good time but always reflect the gracefulness of heaven.   The mountain always trying to reach the firmament but even know they can’t; never stop trying and never give up.   So, don’t try to leave this life before you time because: life is beautiful.