FT. Bragg, NC: home of the All American, the 82nd Airborne Division my first assignment.  I was assigned to the 4th of 68th Armor Battalion,  Headquarter Company, scout Platoon.  It was my first assignment and I didn’t know what to expect.  Since, my English wasn’t so good:  I had problem adjusting. I had friends who were bilingual and help me with my training and to communicate with others.  It was different from basic training.  Here, you get up at five o’clock in the morning we do PT (Physical Training ).  Then you take a shower, get dress and go to breakfast.  After that you go to formation where the platoon sergeant report where all the soldier assigned to him are; and receive instruction from the first sergeant about that day activities.  Do you days work, get off at five in the evening and we could go anywhere we wanted.

Then, we went to the classroom which could be in a room as well as in the field( the forest or any open area in the outside ).  We had training in fire arm, land navigation and tactics.  also, hand to hand combat, vehicle training and others skill needed to do our job.  We had what’s called jump pay; which is one hundred dollars extra for being in jump status.  To get that bonus we have to jump one’s every three-month.  If we don’t do it for any reason: they suspend the payment.


We used to jump in a parachute in the drop zone ( a sandy area where we land during the jump ) and then walk twelve miles in full combat gear back to the unit.  It was fun for me because I was hardcore and love to do a lot of exercise.  I used to run twelve miles a day six in the morning with the company and six in the evening by myself.   In the evening I ran to the gym and back.  The gym was three miles away.  There; I did exercise, swim in the pool and take a vapor bath in the sauna.  It was very relaxing.   Will continue in my next blog.

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