Living in harmony with nature is to respect all living things.   To protect the forest for upcoming generations.  Deforestation not only affect the soil but also the weather; the quality of the oxygen and let the soil, other matter,  reach our rivers and others bodies of water.   We need to protect the exotics animals and all animals from extinction: for the joy of the children of our children and so on.   Stop contaminating our bodies of waters such as lakes, rivers, and oceans for the benefits of the few.   I am talking about the corporations who deposit their contaminant in our water.  Killing a lot of species and making the water undrinkable.   No long time ago; we could drink water straight from the faucet.   Now we have to buy bottled water.  This is a call to all the people who are in the position to make changes: politicians, businessman and the local citizens to be on the look out for ambient laws violators.   Also, for governors to make strictest laws for the illegal poachers ( hunters ).   Animals are a beautiful creature who need to be protected.  We as a society have taken their land; now theirs right to exist.   Let’s live in harmony with our surrounding. Well, my friends until next time.   Leave a comment if you want.  I will be grateful for that.

                                                                           Author; Melito Santos

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