Lets go back to basic training.  During the training we learned all the skill to perform our job as a cavalry scouts.  I was trained in weapon such as m-16 rifle,M-60 and M-50 machineguns.   Also, Land mine, claymore mine, Antitank weapon and others weapons system.  My job was reconnaissance operation.  So we learned Land Navigation, reconnaissance operation such as zone, area and route recon…   Cover and concealment, how to camouflage and how to spy on the enemy without being seem.   It was fun.   I like it so much that I did it for near 12 years. Not every thing was cool.  I have a Drill Sergeant that give me the impression I didn’t like him. One time, I was buying food in the “gut truck”  that how we called in the Army the wagon that sell food every where we went.  Someone told the Sergeant that I bought food in the gut truck.  That was prohibited to the recruit because we supposed to eat our meal in the mess hall.  So, you know what he did.  He put me to polish a fifty gallon trash can that was use during the day for trash. I polished that trash can every night from nine o’clock until  one o’clock in the morning for weeks.  Then get up at five in the morning to continue with the training.

One time around eleven at night came a First Lieutenant and told me that  I didn’t have to do that to go to bed.  Big mistake; not for him for me.  I was standing on the mess hall line during breakfast and he pull me out of the line. Then send he me to polish the trash can; not before insult me and tell me all lot of thing not suitable for this block.  That morning I learned that the order of a 1st LT are  worst less than the order of a Sergeant in basic training.  I continue polishing that trash can until I went to the other phase of the training.  Later when I became a Sergeant it came clear to me that he did it to show  me that you have to follow order.  Because in a real war is you do not follow order someone might get kill.  Finally, I finish basic training.

I have an open contract that mean the Army can send you anywhere but I change that.  To our Battalion came recruiters from the 82nd Airborne Division to give us an orientation about being a paratrooper and to recruit soldier for the Division.  I sign up on the data line but not before a mandatory run to see if I was fit to be an airborne.  I make another mistake.  I have bought a pair of jump boots the one I use to go to the reunion.  The recruiter took us on a run and instead of changing my boots like they suggested.  I went on the run with my new boots.  The next day I couldn’t even walk my feet were all swollen.  I was in the back of the formation every were we went. Thank God the training was over.” Next time the Jump School in fort Benning, Georgia.” Until them have a nice day !


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