Shopping online vs shopping in the mall

Shopping  online is very easy and convenient for the busy people.  Those person that work twelve hours a day and have no time to go to the retail stores.  Online you can get everything from electronic, furniture,sport gear and anything you can think about.  All you have to do is a search in any search engine for what you need.  when you find what you want put in a cart and keep shopping online until you check out.  Then  all you have to is wait for you package to arrived.  I have shop online for a long time and I like it.

shopping in the mall is something different but no bad.  You get to see other people shopping.  Interact with then and make new friends.  Also, you can check what you are buying,tried it on to see if it fit you well.  Check of what the material is made off and the quality. Things you can’t do online shopping.  Believe or not I have found product in the retail store with the same price or cheaper that online.  Plus you could have a relaxing habitat where you can let the stress of today stressing situation we are living on.  So, both kind of shopping have their positive and negative and you have to decide if you use one or the other or  both.  Well until next time.  when I will be writing about my life in the military service. Very interesting  part of my life.  You can let a comment in my site and I will be glad to respond any question related to my blog.

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