Today is beautiful day to write the breezes is blowing; caressing body. It feels so good in my skin.  Here I am in the middle of this tropical forest thinking about my past.  I remember my first day in the military service.  When I arrive at the airport in Louisville,Kentucky.  It felt so cold since I was born and raised in a tropical island.  While I was quavering in a corner outside the airport  waiting for the bus to pick me up.  I saw the local people walking around in t-shirt and short.  Then I said to myself this guys are crazy walking in summer clothes in this cold.  Later I learned by my proper experience that when you get used to the cold it doesn’t affect you that much.

When I arrived to Fort Knox, Kentucky a sergeant came  yelling and getting every soul out of the bus as soon as humanly possible.  So, we ran outside.  Then he put us in a military formation and took all the new recruit into a warehouse where we were issue all the gear for basic training including the uniform we were going to wear for the next three-month.  After that we went to the barbershop.  The Baber cut our hair in less than a minute.  My head look like a bowling ball.

Then we were assigned to a platoon in different companies.  That how basic training began.  Soldier marching every where to the class room, to the firing range or to the field for land navigation training.  The best of all physical training in the morning or PT as we called it. We finish PT all exhausted and to the shower we went.  You only have about twenty-minute to shower get dressed and go to the mess hall for breakfast.  The Drill Sergeant as always barking order to the recruit telling them where to go or what to do.  The day ended at nine o’clock after you finish shining your combat boots.

Let me go back in time a little big.  Since my first language is Spanish the native tongue of Cervantes.  I have to go to the English school to learn  Shakespeare language before going to basic training.  So, I spend about six-week in the school where I learned my first lesson about cold weather. It was a cold Kentucky’s morning and we were in formation for a little more that half an hour.  After formation we return to the barracks and went straight to the shower room and turn on all faucets in hot water to get warm most of the student came from the tropic. That’s when I made a mistake by putting my hand under the warm water.  It felt like somebody heat me with a stick real hard  on my hand.  Well, I learned that when you are freezing the process of getting warm have to be slowly otherwise it will happen what I just said.  ” Continue “

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