Annoying Marketing Approach

Have you ever click on a link to look for a product that got you attention.  Then a salesman come in to the laptop screen telling  you how good the product is and come up with a story that isn’t probably true.  He waste you he is selling.  You get all excited andtime with a 30 minute video about whatever   buy the product.

They always ask for you e-mail address in the page where you order the product.  After you buy the product and gave them all you personal information.  You begin to receive e-mail about the company’s product every minute so you end up having you inbox full of this annoying e-mail about something that you already have or know about it.

The salesman believes that if he is push it enough to the point that you feel harassed.  You will buy the product again but instead you begin to believe that the product is not good at all.  So, the best you can do is unsubscribe from that website.  well until the next time. Be free to leave you comment in my e-mail which is in my contact section.

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